Little Barks is a Full Service Luxury Grooming Salon.

Little Barks Grooming
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CPR Certified
Canine Esthetician
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Our Grooms include .....

Begins with the Bath

Little Barks Grooming Columbia SC

Not all Bathing products or methods for Canine Coat are created equally nor do they offer the desired results. Every Coat type is maintained differently. So why would you use the same product for every coat ? You shouldn’t, not if you want healthy coat and skin. We use IV SANS Bernard Products straight from Italy. 

Starts with …

  • Skin & Coat exam
  • Mix Products suitable for their unique coat and skin needs.
  • Warm Towel and prepare tub
  • Bath using Close-Open- Close method
  • Cleanse and Hydrate
  • Ears cleaned and teeth checked
  • Wrap in warm towel and break time.

Hand Drying

We hand dry every dog (NO cage dryers) for two reasons. One, it is safer and we can monitor them for stress and anxiety during the entire process. Two, drying the dog properly is VERY important and is key to getting a cute groom and preventing matting. Proper technique, training and tools all play a factor. The average dog takes 30- 90 minutes to dry by hand. What we want to accomplish with a properly dried coat.

  • Dry from the skin out. Skin dry and then coat from root up.
  • Straighten the hair 
  • No matting , tangles
  • No undercoat 
  • Completely dry , no dampness at all 
  • Checking the skin along the way.
The Trim

Please note that before I will do any trim on a dog, they must be Calm, Comfortable and Cooperative. Why ?? because we use VERY sharp tools and it can cause injury to your dog or me.

Each trim is unique. Even if I use the same style, tools and methods on one dog it may look different on each dog. Structure, Anatomy and Coat type , behavior all play a factor in the end result. 

The steps I follow , and I do these in the same order for every dog every time. This brings them comfort and a sense of what is going to happen. 

  • Pre Groom Cuddles and encouragement. ” You got this , I am so proud of you”
  • Shave pads , and sanitary 
  • clip nails 
  • Comb through dog completely 
  • Clipper /Scissor Body going over three times. 
  • Clipper/Scissor legs and head 
  • Comb through again. 
  • Scissor entire dog to blend , style and even.
  • Comb through again
  • Check work 
  • Decoration for a finishing touch.
  • One last cuddle, and never forget to say ” You were so brave and wonderful” 
  • and home for nap time.

Are you Ready to become a New Grooming guest ?

So that all the dogs in our care receive the one on one care they deserve.

Please note that we will contact would your dog is finished. They can’t wait to show Mom & Dad their New stylish groom.

Our Goal for your dog to have a calm, Comfortable and Safe Grooming Experience .

For you as a Pet Parent to know that your dog is loved, cared for ,and Safe 

We are a team, your groomer, your pet and you . Together we can make your pet happy to be at the Grooming Salon.


Reviews and Press

Little Barks Grooming Columbia SC
Little Barks Grooming Columbia SC
Pets+ Coolest Pet Contest 2022 winner

Little Barks has been the absolute Best Groomers we have ever been to. They are Organized with their appointments and communication. They are so sweet & truly love our pup. They also do a Great job on their grooming(gentle) and great face shaping and body trims. We (and our dog) have been so satisfied with their services –so thankful for a Great Groomer in here in Irmo!

‘We Love Little Barks , Ms. Kim
is the best! She is king and patient all the time. Her skills are fantastic and I get a lot of compliments on what a wonderful job she does with my Piper’s grooming. Highly recommend.”