Kim KIer - MPAe, MGbs, CCE, CpC, LSHL-s, FFCP, PGC


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"Together we can change how your pet feels about grooming"

We want to form a friendship with you and your pet in our Salon. 

Little Barks Grooming values, respects, and loves the bond between dogs and humans. Give the best part about humanity, “our dogs” their BEST life.

Do you want your pet to have a Spa day at Little Barks?

Little Barks Grooming Offers

Compassionate dog grooming with one on one care

1. Skin & Coat Therapies

  • Our Master Aesthetician is committed to giving your pet the best products and service.
  • Providing the highest standards in the techniques and the products we use.
  • Science-based, proven result formulations to help heal, hydrate and soothe your pet’s skin and coat.
  • Ozone – Hydra therapy available. With so many benefits.
  • Every grooming session begins with a skin and coat exam.
  • Each pet receives its unique shampoo and conditioner formula prepared according to the skin and coat needs.

2. There are NO bad dogs, they just need Love!

  • Most dogs are Not giving us a hard time , they are having a hard time. So, we learn , listen and respect that they need some help.
  • A safe place where they are respected and loved.
  • Your Groomer is a Fear Free Certified Groomer, Trained and Certified Low Stress Handling Level Silver (highest) and a Master Behavior Specialist.
  • It is my mission and passion to help the pets that we love , know that someone understands and it is safe.

3. Compassion

  • Pre-groom cuddles and calming rubs.
  • We wait until your pet is Calm, comfortable, and feels safe. So they can be safe.
  • Pre Groom Cuddles and encouragement. 
  • Shave pads and sanitary 
  • Clip nails 
  • Comb through dog completely 
  • Clipper /Scissor Body going over three times. 
  • Clipper/Scissor legs and head 
  • Comb through again. 
  • Scissor the entire dog to blend, style, and even.
  • Comb through again
  • Decoration for a finishing touch.
  • One last cuddle.

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My mission and passion are to change the “GROOM” into something more than just a haircut. To form a bond and a friendship with them, and to help them through the process with knowledge, encouragement, and respect. To see them as the whole being they are and nurture them. Skin, Coat, mind, body, and beautiful soul. The “groom” is just the adorable package they come in, and we take care of that too.

Kim Kier, PGC, MPAe, CCe, FFCP, LSHL-s, PAe 

Little Barks Grooming Columbia SC

Master Pet Aesthetician

Professional Grooming Credentials - World Pet Association

Safety Certified Professional

Little Barks Grooming Columbia SC

Voted Best of Columbia

Little Barks Grooming Columbia SC

Low Stress Handling Certified

Little Barks Grooming Columbia SC

Fear Free Certified Professional

Skin & Coat Solutions

Kim Kier 

Master Pet Aesthetician – Certified Canine Esthetician 

At Home Products

As a Master Pet Aesthetician I take skin & coat care for our Canine Companions serious ! I have formulated and included only the very best products to offer your pet's .

Ozone Therapy

Nourish, Replenish and Heal your pets skin and coat. PROUD TO OFFER SAN BERNARDS HYDRO-MASSAGE OZONE THERAPY. Using the Ozone Machine during therapy will increase the healing time by more than 10 times than just therapy alone. By using our therapy products and the ozone machine, you can get results that medications alone can’t do.


Conditions Ozone Can Treat FUNGUS Dermatophytosis Dermatomycosis malassezia dermatitis Candidiasis ALLERGIES dermatitis flea-allergy dermatitis food-allergy atopic dermatitis SEBORRHEA moist seborrhea dry seborrhea LEISHMANIASIS for skin and coat nourishment a force & barrier against external agents. ALOPECIA trauma surgical shavings follicular atrophy adenitis of sebaceous glands follicular dystrophy alopecia of color dilution skin hydration ITCHING to combat proliferation of bacteria and malassezia that cause itching. WOUNDS prevent or treat infection encourage healing MISC APPLICATIONS soothe arthritic joints post-surgical orthopedic joint therapies –following healed incision.

They loved it!

« Little Barks has been the absolute Best Groomers we have ever been to. They are Organized with their appointments and communication. They are so sweet & truly love our pup. They also do a Great job on their grooming(gentle) and great face shaping and body trims. We (and our dog) have been so satisfied with their services --so thankful for a Great Groomer in here in Irmo! » 
« 'We Love Little Barks , Ms. Kim is the best! She is king and patient all the time. Her skills are fantastic and I get a lot of compliments on what a wonderful job she does with my Piper's grooming. Highly recommend." » 
Little Barks Grooming Columbia SC

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