At Little Barks Dog Grooming , we know you want to be the owner of a happy well-kept pup. In order to do that you need a caring and skilled groomer.

Had a Bad Experience in the Past ?

No need to worry about dropping your pet off at the groomer.
No need to be embarrassed by a bad haircut!
We believe every dog deserves a luxury treatment that leaves them looking and feeling their very best!

Every Dog Benefits from the Best of our Salon. We understand what it's like to spend money on grooming services but be dissatisfied with the experience. This is why we strive for Excellence and Education.

Little Barks Grooming

Skin and Coat

At Little Barks we know what it is like to have a dog with skin issues and spend time and money on treatments that very often DO NOT work.

We have dedicated ourselves to learning from industry leaders and Veterinarians to educated ourselves in Science based skin and coat knowledge and products that have proven results.  Both Miss Kim and Miss Taylor are Certified Canine Estheticians and have many hours of Continued Educated in Skin and Coat care.


At Little Barks we take the Care, Safety and Happiness of your pup while they are in the salon very serious. 

Little Barks Groomers are Certified AKC S.A.F.E Salon , AKC S.A.F.E Certified Groomers.  We are members of three Industry Grooming Associations.

Professionally Trained


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Groomer to Groomer

Little Barks Dog Grooming and Luxury Salon believes that knowledge has truly lead to the success of our business. Miss Taylor and Miss Kim have a combined total of over 35 years in the pet industry. They push themselves to grow with continued education such as A.K.C. Safety certificates, CPR certificates, Fear Free Certifications, Both Groomers our Certified Canine Estheticians and have many others certifications.

Little Barks Grooming

Are you Ready to become a New Grooming guest ?

We strive to give your dog the best care possible, arriving  on time or 10 mins  prior to your appointment gives us the time needed to assure that.

If you are more then 15 mins late to an appointment we will not be able to spoil your pup. 

We will notify you as soon as your pup is done.

We will send you a text or we can call you. Once you have arrived at the salon we ask you call to let us know you have arrived to pick up your pup.

We keep the door locked for the Safety of your pup and our Staff. 

At Little Barks Dog Grooming and Luxury Salon, we know you want to be the owner of a happy, well-kept pup. In order to do that, you need a caring and skilled dog groomer.

 The problem is you’ve had some bad experience in the past. Which makes you feel angry that you wasted money on those grooms and sad that your dog had to go through that.

 Your Dog deserves Better! 

We strive to give them a luxury dog grooming experience they will love!


Every pup deserves the luxury treatment, you can only find it at Little Barks Grooming.

Hear What Our Dog Grooming Guests Are Saying

My pups are so happy and excited when they go to Little Barks! They Can’t wait to see the other side of the gate. Miss Taylor and her mother are very professional and care deeply about the pups they pamper. They are very knowledgeable and have helped me with product selection for issues with one of my pups. I highly recommend giving Little Barks a try if you are looking for a groomer. 

little barks grooming JOJO

Little Barks has been the absolute Best Groomers we have ever been to. They are Organized with their appointments and communication. They are so sweet & truly love our pup. They also do a Great job on their grooming(gentle) and great face shaping and body trims. We (and our dog) have been so satisfied with their services –so thankful for a Great Groomer in here in Irmo!