About us

Taylor and Kim Little Barks dog Grooming

Little Barks Grooming and Boutique is a Christian dog salon and boutique. Focused on luxury skin and coat treatments and luxury styling. Our goal at our Salon is to provide a positive grooming experience from the inside out for your pup. Miss Taylor and Miss Kim have over 35 years of experience in the pet service industry. They are always furthering their education to best provide for your dog. Starting with a positive experience for your dog based on positive training techniques. We then do a full skin,coat, and health exam before each styling experience.This ensures we can do what is best for your pup. We may even recommend a treatment with the issue we see. We then focus on the styling part with one of the services you selected. We even offer private grooming sessions for those special needs or nervous dogs. We are proud to be vet recommended so you can feel comfortable leaving your dog with us. We hope to see you and your pups furry faces soon. We can’t wait to show you the Little Barks Difference!

Miss Taylor

Taylor is the owner and lead stylist of Little Barks Grooming and Boutique.She took over the boutique and Salon From her Mother,Miss Kim, over 4 years ago.But that’s not how she got her start working with dogs. She started in 4-H at the age of 11. It was quick to see that this was her God given Gift. She quickly began winning small shows and placing in state fair and 4-h competitions. She continued training and even earned A.K.C titles on her family dogs in obedience and rally. Pushed to follow her gift she began looking for something to combine her Gift with a passion for art and creativity. That’s when she found dog grooming. She apprenticed for over a year with a groomer to learn the basics but still wanted to learn more she took it upon herself to learn new techniques and better herself. She worked hard and slowly became better as she learned by watching industry leaders like Jodi Murphy, Jonathan David, and many more. She is now in the next stage of her career working to complete the pet Aesthetician program. It is clear to all that she truly loves working with dogs and the joy they bring her.

Miss Kim

Kim started her journey in the pet industry in 2000. It began as most careers in this field do, with a dog well not just a dog a poodle named Cinnamon. After losing her Mother to Breast cancer, Kim was to say the least broken and overwhelmed by depression and heartache. Cinnamon saved her and gave her a purpose. I really think how a lot of stories about people and their dogs begin “they saved me”. So, it began, Cinnamon suffered from relentless skin issues the worst of them was nylon she had a horrible reaction to her own collar! A rash turned into an infection which turned into an absence. Kim was at a loss at the time every collar out there was nylon so what is a girl to do but to get creative and fix it. Kim has always loved to create especially sewing and quilting, so a business was born.

“Little Barks” has always been about helping dogs and using our gifts that God has blessed us with to help them and their owners. What began as one simple collar to help the Love of her life dog, has grown into helping so many dogs and their owners show the love they have for each other in simple but meaningful ways.

Grooming, Skin and Coat care, training, healthy treats, fashionable and functional accessories. When you have a passion for something it is easy to learn and enjoy every part of it. Kim has spent the last 20 years learning and growing to serve dogs with love and knowledge to give them best of her.

Little Barks is really part of Miss Kim and her Family.

The goal and mission are to help as many dogs and owners as we can show their Love for each other and stay healthy and happy on the way. With God’s grace and love as guidance we cannot wait to do just that for many years to come.