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All Groomers are the same, or Are they ?

The most asked question we get from pet owners  at Little Barks Grooming is ” How are you Different than other Groomers ?”  Well, that is a Great question !  So, I would love to share the ways that we at Little Barks really go above the board to show you and your pup the very Best of our Salon and us.

AKC Safe certified groomer at little barks grooming
Sally being groomed at Little Barks

Before we do that,” Did you know that the grooming industry is NOT regulated?” I know it’s shocking and to be honest not safe. Most pets owners don’t know this or what it means. Simply put anyone can go purchase  a clipper and a (sharp) pair of shears and open a shop and call themselves a dog groomer. No training, No canine knowledge, No safety requirements, No knowledge of any kind. Yes, it’s true just learn as they go, and with your baby ! Why ? because to most they are “just” a dog and nothing more. It’s for lack of a better word INSANE and UNSAFE.  The sad truth is some even brag about learning on the job or being self taught. It is quite scary to think about from my point of view and is why Little Barks believes so passionately in education , safety and changing the industry for the dogs we LOVE.

Grooming Shops are operated in different ways as a whole but there are usually five basic business models.

  • Numbers – Groom as many dogs as you can in a day , and keep costs low (i.e shampoo, labor, and operating costs) An assembly line of sorts, efficiency and numbers matter and sometimes (not always) that means a Stressful day for the pup.
  • Mobile – Groomer comes to you , which works Great for some dogs and busy owners. This also means that the groomer needs to charge more for the service because of the added travel , water and vehicle upkeep on top of the groom.
  • Veterinary Based Grooming – this is for the pup that needs to have sedation or has medical issues.
  • One on One – this model really has two different “styles” that groomers use. First, the straight through grooming service , where the groomer , grooms the pup from start to finish as quickly as possible. While this sounds in theory great , this is stressful for most dogs and has a higher risk of an accident happening if your dog is anxious or has any medical issues. The Second , is the dog is groomed at their pace and still straight through but not rushed. It is more of a private grooming session , where the groomer takes the pups needs and personality are part of the grooming session plan.

Little Barks Grooming has a New and we think Better model that starts with your PUP. They are remarkable beings with feelings , needs and specific grooming needs. So why would we treat them like they are all “just” dogs. So, with a mission to make things better for them and the parents that love them. We operate from a truly HOLISTIC approach consideration for the entire pet. They are all different so everyday we change a little to serve the dogs in our care on that day. Our Promise is to give them the very best of us , Safety, Education , Respect and love.

You are saying “that’s what my (current) groomer does and says” That is Amazing , My hope is that every groomer would. But do they, put those words into products, safety procedures and education ? We Do here is how:

Stop by the Salon to see the difference for yourself we can’t wait to meet you!