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All Groomers are the same, or Are they ?

The most asked question we get from pet owners  at Little Barks Grooming is ” How are you Different than other Groomers ?”  Well, that is a Great question !  So, I would love to share the ways that we at Little Barks really go above the board to show

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Is your Dog’s Shampoo what you think?

Why don’t we use terms like medicated, calming, clearing, skin treatment, and many more when we talk about skin issues in dog grooming.  We have found over the many years of us specializing in skin and coat care that other groomers use terms like these however we are not like

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Why is my Dog shedding like crazy?

    Help! There is dog hair all over my house! Is your dog shedding ? In South Carolina where Little Barks dog Grooming is, it is starting to get hot fast and summer will be here before you know it.With the warm weather in Columbia,Sc I am sure a

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Nail Trims: Trimming Away The Terror

IS PROUD TO BE A Nail trims are a common source of stress for pets and owners alike, but there are many things you can do to set yourself and your pet up for success with at-home nail care. Before You Start Be sure your pet has a nonslip surface

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