Little Barks Deluxe Skincare and Coatcare

Little Barks Grooming believes Every luxury grooming appointment should be a Spaw day. As certified canine Esthetician’s we provide grooms that include whatever your pups skin and coat needs at the salon visit. This may include a bacteria and fungal treatment, A dander treatment, de-matting mask, deshed treatment, and anything your dogs coat need to be healthy and look its best. We do also offer Lavish upgrades to give your dog a spaw experience.  As a luxury dog grooming salon that tailors to your dogs needs we will be happy to give you our suggestions after we do our skin, coat, and health assessment before each groom. You can also tell us about any skin or coat concerns when we do our check in questions before each groom and we would be happy to tell you what will help improve your pups skin and coat. We have listed below are details about some of the deluxe skincare and coat care we offer and may be added to your luxury dog grooming appointment. We have also listed some of the lavish upgrades we offer  to make your pups lavish or elegant groom a truly luxurious experience.


“But i will restore you to health and heal your wounds Declares the Lord”

Jeremiah 30:17

Lavish Spaw Upgrades

Red, White and Blue Package

starting at $20

This package helps whiten whites, diminish red from black coats, and highlight silver or grey coat. It helps to eliminate yellow or red staining caused by tear staining and oxidation. To do this we use a Blue cruelty free shampoo and conditioner to help make your Pup white! This is not like most Whitening Shampoos as it will not damage the coat. 

Black Powder Package

starting at $20

This Italian cruelty free shampoo and mask is perfect for for giving your dog a lavish experience. This product is tailored to all coat types as it has Argan oil and Seaweed extract in it. Argan oil is know in the cosmetic industry for its ability to help protect against sun damage, help moisturize the skin, smooth dry skin and much more. Seaweed extract is packaged with minerals and vitamins which are needed for healthy skin and coat. This package is best for short coated or hairless dogs like boston terriers,frenchies, American hairless terrier, Chinese Crested dog and many others. It is also great for Spaniels. 


starting at $25

This Luxury Ring Line is rich in Caviar complex made from Caulerpa Lentillifera extract which is know as Vegetable caviar. Caulerpa Lentillifera helps revitalize coat. The Caviar complex is rich in Vitamin F, omega-3s, oligopeptides, and seaweed extract. These help the hair stay strong and compact. The mask helps the coat look radiant and healthy. This line Softens the hair giving it strength and vitality. Perfect for all coat types.  This product is used by Groomers and Handlers. 

Take a Hike

starting at $15

If your pup loves hiking the trails in the Harbison or State parks or the mountains with you then this is the package for you. This package includes our protective shield shampoo and conditioner. These products act like a shield on your dogs coat. Eucalyptus and mint extract naturally repeals fleas,ticks,and other parasites. These products also provide a fresh, pleasant, and balanced aroma. With ticks, fleas and other parasites able to transmit so many diseases to our pets this will help repeal them from even being on your pup to bite them and spread those things. SLS free and EDTA Free

Take me to the Beach Package

starting at $10

South Carolina is know to have some amazing Beaches. From Folly Beach to Isle of Palms. The sandy beaches call your name sometimes. The Beach is also know for its Salt Water. Salt has been used for years to help absorb dirt,grime and toxins. We use this in a scrub to help your pup with those same things. We harness the therapeutic power of natural sea salt which is rich in minerals and nutrients to pamper your dog. Our sea scrub helps with dander, itching, and leaves the coat with body. This scrub has aloe Vera, Vitamin E,and rosemary to help give your dog a lavish scrub. 

Gone Fishing

starting at $30

Just like Fish Our dogs can get stinky. From being skunked to just playing hard outside and getting smelly sometimes your dog needs a bath tailored to help with odor. we use our close-open-close technique to help. We use a anti-smell shampoo,3 different conditioners mixed together, and ginkgo oil to give a deep clean yet also caring deeply for the natural oil on the skin. We start with  a conditioner and ginkgo oil mix. Then cleanse with a special shampoo the is designed to neutralize the odor at its source the molecules. Then we do another round of conditioner. This leave your pup smelling like a daisy and not a smelly fish!

Simply Mint to Be

starting at $15

This mint scented shampoo and mask is Toni flying and refreshing. It is Rich is Vitamin B6. Vitamin B6 is know to help the skin and coat have a healthy looking appearance. It helps to reduce sebum which is great for dogs that over produce Sebum. Vitamin B6 is also known as pyridoxine. This mint is a natural Deodorant and parasite repellent. This Shampoo and Mask leaves the hair feeling soft and silky. 

Total bliss package

Starting at $50

This package is designed for dog owners that want a truly Extravagant experience for your dog. It includes a blueberry facial,Teeth rinse, Foot soak, Detoxing mask, top of the line shampoo tailored to your dog, and a hydration mask tailored to your dog. It is finished of with a mineral mist spray to help strengthen your dogs coat. This package is completely tailored to your dog. No two Total Bliss packages are the same just like your beloved Dog. 

Deluxe skincare and Coat Care

Therapy Regimen

starting at $35

Does your dog suffer from crust,sores,hair loss,redness,irritation,infection,  itching, lumps, bumps, hot spots or skin issues? Then this is what we will add to your dogs service with us. Our therapy Regimen includes a clay mask, therapeutic shampoo, and therapeutic conditioner. This Regimen is best done weekly for at least 6 weeks.  We do offer kits for take home use to continue this process at home or you can book a weekly regimen with us for a discount price if you want to do a 6 week starter therapy regimen package.  

*** one of the most added regimens in our salon***

Dry coat or skin

Starting at $30

This regimen is designed for dry skin and coat which a lot of professionals call allergies. Just like allergies dry skin and coat can make a dog extremely itching. This Regimen is designed to help with sensitive skin and “allergies”. It is best done weekly but can be done once every 3 weeks. This Regimen includes a detoxing scrub, keratin cleansing solution, and a keratin nourishing solution. 

Flea and Tick Regimen

starting at $20

We deal this fleas and ticks differently then most grooming salons. We start with mask that has mint, olive oil, and a conditioner in it and let sit for 10-15 mins. Then we use a sulphur shampoo for 5 mins. Then we make sure the condition. This process changes if the dog has an allergic reaction to the fleas. 


starting at $40

In recent years we have seen more and more dogs with skin and coat issues. With this comes dogs having more and more damage to their coat. Rather it be from lack of regular bathing, bathing with inadequate grooming products, pollution, or uv exposure the results are the same irrated,fragile and worn out coat. This Regimen helps to repair the coat. This 4 step regimen delivers ingredients deep into the hair to reconstruct the coat. Our Mineral Red Reconstruction regimen blends ingredients derived from nature and exclusive active ingredients formulated in a state of the art high tech lab. This blend will ensure the health of coat. 


starting at $35

Dogs coat gets entangled together and forms a mat. This can happen for several reasons such as damaged coat,lack of coat care,and a few other things. To deetangle coat properly and as painless as possible professional products and techniques are used. We use are close-open-close technique for this regimen. We use a Avocado oil conditioner mask to start this process. The mask offers deep hydration from avocado oil which is perfect for dematting and restructuring damaged coat. Then we follow this with a tailored made shampoo to help remove dead coat,damaged coat or address other issues. The last step is another round of hydration tailored to your dog.  Then we start hand drying and using a professional slicker and comb to finish this process. 

Shed less Regimen

starting at $20

This is regimen is for double-coat breed or natural coated breed such as Pomeranian,welsh corgi,cairn terrier,Shetland sheepdog,Miniature Schnauzer, West highland white terrier, Scottish terrier. And many more. This Regimen removes undercoat and tertiary hair. We DO NOT SHAVE  double-coated breeds. This process removes undercoat and tertiary hair from the follicle. This is painless for the dog if done properly due to the fact this is dread coat. We do our shed less Regimen with the close-open-close technique while bathing and the proper tools to finish the process. Each shed less regimen is tailored to your dog but dog help reduce shedding by 75% if done ever 3 weeks. This is a most do for all double coated breeds. 

Ozone and hydro therapy starting at $25

Ozone and Hydrotherapy is amazing. It can help with so many different things and unlike a lot of regimens you can see the difference the first time it is done. Little Barks Grooming and Boutique is the only authorized Iv San Bernard Spa in the Midlands. We are the only ones that offer this Hydo-Massage and ozone treatment in the Columbia,Sc or surrounding areas. Ozone is a very powerful oxidizing agent but also a very powerful non-chemical disinfectant. It is unique feature of decomposing to a harmless,non toxic,environmentally safe material,oxygen. This is a therapeutic tool. This Soak can helps with atopic dermatitis,Dermatophytosis,Dermatomycosis,Malassezia Dermatitis, Candidiasis, Moist Seborrhea,Dry Seborrhea,Leishmaniasis,Alopecia,Itching, wounds care,Soothing arthritic pain, Dermatitis flea-allergy,Dermatitis food-Allergy,Atopic Dermatitis and much more!

Dainty Spaw Upgrades

Teeth rinse $10


Fizzy “Soda” Foot Soak 

Named for Soda City



Nagayu Co2 Rinse 



Ear Flush 


Nose cream $5

Triple oil spritz 


Oil upgrade for conditioner 


Broad sunscreen spritz