Dog Grooming Cost

How much will it cost for my dogs groom today?

Dog Grooming Cost Explained

As dog owners, we know you have asked this before! We know it’s frustrating to call around trying to find the right dog groomer and all of them are different prices. Have you asked yourself why is groomer A so much higher than groomer B? Well, that is a complicated question but we at Little Barks Grooming would like to help a little by explaining how our prices are established. Before we do that though we have to explain a few things about the dog grooming industry.

One thing that you must realize about the dog grooming industry and most pet services is we are not regulated. Shocking isn’t it? It’s true dog groomers do not need to be certified to groom your beloved pet. We at Little Barks Grooming and Boutique fully disagree with this and believe we should be regulated. There are too many groomers out there that do not put the well-being of the dog or the health of the dog before money. Isn’t that insane?! That is one reason pricing is so different because we all have different skillsets and do things very differently than each other. Some of us believe in doing the best we can and some don’t believe after a little schooling they need to learn anything else. This leads to inconsistency in the dog grooming industry. Below we will explain how Little Barks Grooming and Boutique calculates the pricing in our luxury grooming salon and spa.

At Little Barks Grooming and Boutique we are not basic groomers or a basic salon. We pride ourselves on doing what is truly best for our dog and that requires us to better ourselves. In bettering ourselves and our skills this is one reason our prices are higher than most groomers in Columbia, Sc. We have numerous certifications no one else does in Columbia, Sc, or surrounding areas. Not only that but few groomers have the certifications at all. For example, is our Fear Free Certification or our A.K.C S.A.F.E certifications? This means we bring a higher skill set to our craft which reflects in our pricing. Each certification we have done at Little Barks Grooming costs us money. Our cheapest certifications which is one we learned the science and importance of vaccines was $99. Our others range from $150 to over $1000 dollars in total. They are not cheap but it is important to us to have all the knowledge we can about our job field.  As the Bible says “Do you see a man skillful in his work? He will stand before kings; he will not stand before obscure men.”

An equally important factor to pricing at Little Barks Grooming and Boutique is the top-of-the-line spa products and equipment we have in our Salon. We use only the best products. Products that most groomers don’t even know about or want to invest in because it takes time and skill to use them. They are not simple shampoos! They are luxury shampoos and mask designed for your dog’s coat type and needs. This again reflects in the price of a groom. While this reflects in the price it is cheaper for you in the long run because you will not have the skin and coat issues like you would at other salons that use dawn dish soap or a shampoo that you can get off a shelf at a pet store. A lot of grooming salons do not do research on the proper products needed for each coat type let alone therapies needed for dogs with skin issues. Without the proper products, we can not do our job which is to care for your dog’s skin and coat. Shampoo, conditioner, and spa products are not all it takes to do our job properly. At Little Barks Grooming we are proud to say to buy great equipment and ever industry-leading equipment. With doing so is the price of that equipment. A grooming table like ours with a lips system by Hanvey is $1,300. Our other tables are around $800 to $900 and that is not even with to groomers helper system. Those are each over $200. We have 3 of them in our salon. Then there are the driers which are about $600 or more each and we have two different types. Our high-velocity dryer and our stand dryer. Next are the shears, clippers, blades, snap-on combs, combs, slickers, and more! One pair of our shears cost around $200. Our professional slickers are around $75. Now you see that equipment cost us a lot. But it’s needed to be able to give you the best quality grooms and get your pups safe while grooming.

The next factor in the price of a groom is the time between grooms. We know it’s hard to keep up on your dog’s coat care and skin health that is why groomers like us at Little Barks Grooming are here. In order to properly care for this, your dog needs to come to us a regular schedule. What schedule you might ask? No more than ever 4 weeks! The reason? It’s simple a dog’s skin renews it’s every 21 days. The skin is the biggest organ in their body and has so much been dependent on it. Dogs’ skin is 6 to 8 times more sensitive than ours. They also don’t have the same skin makeup as we do. This means groomers should be taking care of this because it is a specialized field! This is why you need to bring them to us for grooming. It helps them have the proper skin and coat health and good coat condition. Another reason a schedule of 3 to 4 weeks is important is that dogs love schedules! Frequent visits to the grooming salon, if it is a positive experience, can alleviate fears. If your dog doesn’t like to go to the groomer it is possible you are waiting too long between visits and now she or he feels the groomer is punishment instead of just part of life and is normal. Which makes our job as dog groomers hard because then we have to become dog trainers too. This means it reflects in the cost when we have to do two jobs.

The last but most important factor of understanding why your dog grooming costs what it does is your dog. Dogs are our best friends and we love them. Love blinds us to things that we should know but don’t. All dogs are different and some are ever special needs. Your dog is the number one reason why it cost what it does for grooming. This is why pricing can be so hard for us dog groomers till we start grooming your dog. Some things to consider about your beloved dog. How much hair do you really want to be left? Does your dog let you comb them? Does your dog let you hold its legs, toes, face, and body? Does your dog have issues standing? How does your dog handle being in a crate? How does your dog handle a bath? How does your dog handle the blow dryer/vacuum? Does your dog have matting or tangles? Does your dog have skin issues? These are only some of the things that determine dog grooming cost. Now that we know the questions let’s talk about why some of why those questions are so important. The length of hair you like your dog determines how much scissoring and extra work needed to give your dog the best haircut. It also determines how much time it takes to groom your pup. The other questions also determine the price. If we have to train, fight and groom your dog it is going to be more! A well-behaved dog is easier to groom. It is also easy on your dog because they aren’t scared and angry about what is happening. Getting your dog use to being groomed is highly important and will affect your dog grooming cost. Matting and tangles are another huge factor. Matting and tangles take skill, products, and time to deal with. In turn, costing you more money. Time is money for us as dog groomers. The more time needed to groom your pup the more money it will be.

These are all factors of Little Barks Grooming pricing. Little Barks Grooming and Boutique is a luxury salon And spa. This means a lot of factors go into our pricing. Our price reflects us having passion, skill, experience, and other factors. However, we do things just to better ourselves and to help your pup that is not include in the price. As a luxury grooming salon and spa, we pride ourselves on giving your dog more than a basic wash and haircut. we can truly say spa because one of our extras is a hydro-massage and ozone therapy. We can truly say luxury due to the products we use and the environment we try to keep. In turn, our prices are higher than others in Columbia, Sc Andrews surrounding areas. With that being said Have you heard them say “you get what you pay for” it is very true! As a grooming guest looking for a dog groomer for your dog remember to ask yourself what do I truly want from my dog’s grooming experience. If you are willing to spoil your dog in luxury then we are the right salon for you. If you are looking for a basic haircut then we can gladly recommend someone down the road from us. We hope this helped you better understand why we ask you to call for pricing.