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Grooming doesn’t need to be stressful for your pet. In fact, a trip to the groomer can be relaxing and even enjoyable. With positive training methods, compassion, and a little bit of patience, your pet can have a stress-free grooming experience.

What is a Fear Free Groomer ?

Humanity over vanity above all else. The average pet visits the groomer every 1 to 3 months for pawdecures, baths, and/or a full haircut. That means your pet will spend a good portion of their life at the grooming salon. Some pets go years experiencing intense fear and anxiety related to grooming. Science tells us that repeated exposure to stress causes a plethora of health issues for pets and humans! With Fear Free grooming, we will not ignore your pet’s fear response in the name of getting the job done. Our groomers have been trained to always use a gentle touch, never causing pain or using intimidation. We work hard to provide a calm and relaxing salon environment. Your pet will be spoiled with yummy treats and lots of love! Tables and tubs have non-slip surfaces to ensure your pet feels stable and supported throughout the groom. Calming music is played and pheromones diffused to create a soothing and serene atmosphere. Hearing protection is available to help pets feel more relaxed during noisy procedures such as drying and clipper use.

Gentle Encouragement goes a long way. A bath can be relaxing.

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Puppy Prep School Package

Starts at $120 for small dogs under 15lbs and increases based on amount of coat and size of dog.
Puppy prep school can start right after all vaccines are given at 14 weeks.
This is Four grooming sessions, getting your puppy use to grooming. Gentle and Fear Free methods are used to start your puppy out right for a lifetime of Grooming.

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Last visit in puppy prep school



Dogs must be up to date on Rabies, DHPP, and kennel cough to be a grooming guest. 

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