Luxury Dog Grooming

Little Barks Grooming believes that each trip to the dog groomer should be a Lavish experience for your dog.
We do this by tailoring each service to your dogs needs, we do not offer basic grooming services.
Little Barks focuses on an experience that leaves them looking and feeling there best.
Our Groomers achieve a lavish experience for your pup, by starting each service at our salon
with a Skin, Coat, and Health assessment.
This allows us to give your dog the unique and luxury groom that they deserve.
Customizing their shampoo, conditioner to your dogs skin and coat requirements with our
pet safe products by a Certified Canine Esthetician.
Each step in our luxury dog grooming services are tailored to your dogs needs, from your dogs bath to
their style it is all tailored to them as the individual they are.
Your dog deserves the Luxury experience.
Is your Pup ready for the Luxury Experience ?

Styling Services for your pet

Signature Bath Starting at $ 35

Doodle getting a signature bath at Little Barks Grooming
Mini doodle getting a bath

Little Barks Signature Dog Bath begins with
Cruelty- free shampoo and conditioner that is tailored to their coat type and coat requirements, custom made and frothed by a Certified Canine Esthetician.
After a Relaxing signature bath
our groomers trim nails, clean ears with a
non drying and pet safe ear cleaner, we hand dry your pup, then a finishing
oil or spray is applied to the coat.

To complete the service a luxury
accessory is added. (bow, bib or tie.)
This is great for dogs that
needs a quick clean up.
Perfect for any dog that has a healthy coat.

Extravagant Bath

Our Extravagant dog bath begins with cruelty free Shampoo and conditioner custom formulated to your dogs coat type and skin needs frothed and then applied in a technique that is called close-open-close.
This process is what we use for dematting,degreasing,
dry coats and to add more luxury to your dogs bath. Then we trim nails, clean ears with a non drying ear cleaner, oil ears, hand dry with a finishing spray or oil, and add a luxury accessory to your pup to finish their extravagant bath.
This bath is great for poodles,doodles,shihtzus, boston terrier, frenchies, beagles, basset hounds, and many other dog breeds.

Signature Tween

little barks grooming JOJO

Our Signature tween starts with cruelty free shampoo and conditioner tailored to your dogs skin and coat type.
Then your pup is hand dried then fluffed with a finishing spray or oil. Then each dog is combed out, ears are cleaned with a non drying ear cleaner,pads are shaved, sanitary areas are clippered, and the coat over their eyes are trimmed. We finish with a luxury decoration to complete this service.
This service is great for double coated dogs you want to keep natural. Such as Shetland sheepdogs,Australian Shepherd, Australian cattle dog,American Eskimo Dog, and border collie.
Signature Tweens start at $50 for dogs under 15lbs and increase from there.

Puppy Prep School Package

Starts at $120 for small dogs under 15lbs and increases based on amount of coat and size of dog.
Puppy prep school can start right after all vaccines are given at 14 weeks.
This is Four grooming sessions, getting your puppy use to grooming. Gentle and Fear Free methods are used to start your puppy out right for a lifetime of Grooming. Last visit in puppy prep school


Last visit in puppy prep school



This is how we start all new puppies out in our salon. Grooming needs to be introduced slowly to ensure it is not scary for your pup. It can be a very scary process if it is not done right. That is where are puppy prep school comes in. Our Certified Fear Free Groomer works with your puppy to ensure we start their grooming experience off right. We do this with 4 starter sessions spaced out every 2 weeks. Your puppy with go through different stages of development while we do this process so it is very important that you has a dog owner work with us and committed to helping your puppy overcome this scary thing called grooming. We start off with our signature bath, then work up to a signature tween, then luxe tween and hopefully if your puppy is ready by the 4th visit a puppy groom. Which would include a clipper haircut with very little scissor work. This process is all about your puppy getting use to grooming. We will not rush a puppy through this experience and put your pups mental and physical well-being in danger to rush a groom.

Luxe Tween starting at $55

poodle groom-little-barks-grooming 

Sally loves her Grooming time at Little Barks 

Our Luxe tween is the perfect thing for in between grooms for dogs that are on a schedule , between full grooming services every 4 to 6 weeks.
Our luxe tween include a cruelty free shampoo, conditioner tailored to your dogs skin and coat needs. We apply these products with our close-open-close technique. Then we hand dry your dog and fluff them.
Then our groomers professionally comb your dog,
nails are trimmed, ears are cleaned with a non drying cleaner, ears are oiled, sanitary areas are clippered, under eye area is shaved, around the eyes is trimmed so you can see your dogs expression more clearly, pads are shaved, and any long strays outside the lines of the groom are trimmed.
This is not a full groom. This is to maintain the look between grooms. This is what Miss Sally gets weekly to maintain her look. This service is great for doodles, poodles, cocker spaniels, soft coated wheaten terrier, Portuguese Water Dog, and many other dog breeds.
Luxe Tweens start at $55 for dogs under 15lbs and increase from there.

Lavish Groom
starting at $ 75

Little Barks Grooming reviews 

Miss Lola at Little Barks Grooming


Our Lavish Full Groom starts Cruelty Free shampoo and conditioner tailored to your dogs skin and coat. We apply the shampoo and conditioner in close-open- close technique. Then each dog is hand dried and fluff dried.

Then your dog is ready to be combed out completely and the styling process can begin.

Our Lavish groom includes a full clipper trim haircut with scissor work.
This includes sanitary trim, pads shaved, under eye area shaved, clipper trim with a blade or snap-on comb, face trim with a snap-on comb and scissor work.
Then we check our clipper work and follow with light scissor work to ensure a polish look to the groom.
After the Groom is finished we do a finishing spray or oil to help insure the coat is finished properly. We do not use perfume but some of our finishing sprays and oils are scented.
We then brush through then with a boars brush and put the perfect luxury decoration on them to finish their lavish groom. This is our most popular service.
It allows us to care for the skin and coat properly and give them a groom you can mange at home easily yet ensure they look cute and stylish and the coat is doing its job our protecting the skin and the skin is healthy from the proper products and techniques being used on them.
Lavish Grooms start at $65 for dogs under 15lbs and price increases from there.

Elegant Groom

Our Elegant groom is designed for owners that want their dog to look elegant like the dogs in dog shows or on tv.
Our elegant groom starts with a shampoo and conditioner tailored to your dogs skin and coat needs. We do the same close-open-close process as our lavish groom. We then do an elevated hand dry and fluff dry to make sure the coat is prepped properly for the Scissor work this service is known for. Then your dog is completely combed out. Then clipper work is down starting with a sanitary, pads shaved, any clipper work on the body and legs where needed.
The the true elegance begins with hand Scissor work. This gives your put the elegant style you see on tv and in dog shows. This also allows us to leave more hair then a traditional clipper trim.
However with these styles they are high maintenance and require a coat that is not matted or damaged to complete. This groom also takes a longer time then a lavish groom and due to the we can only take so many in a month. We love doing them however to show our elegant side.
Examples of this trim are any of the Asian fusion styles, the poms on poodles, or if you want to leave more then an inch of coat on your dog.
Elegant grooms start at $85 for dogs under 15lbs and increase from there.


Dogs most be up to date on Rabies, DHPP, and kennel couch to be a grooming guest. 

Prices are starting points. Call us for a price quote for your pup.

Need your Dog Completed at a set time? Add a guaranteed check out time for a $45 charge added to groom.

Guaranteed check out time must be booked at least 48hours before an appointment.
You can add it to your visit when you get your reminder text message reminder.

Our Luxury dog grooming is done by
appointment only. We DO NOT Take walk ins.

For pricing please call us.