Luxury Dog Grooming

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All pups coming to our luxury dog grooming Salon and Spaw must be up to date one Rabies,DHPP, and kennel cough

Styling Services for your pet

Essential Bath Package

Our Essential Bath is a bath for dogs with healthy skin and coat and that just need a good scrub. This includes a shampoo designed to support healthy skin and coat, a tearless facial shampoo, and hand dried and nail trim.

Deluxe Bath Package

Little Barks Deluxe bath includes a Luxury Shampoo fitted to your dogs skin and coat needs followed by a moisturizing Conditioner and,tearless facial shampoo, then we hand dry your pup, pads shaved, nail trim and nail dremel (if behavior allows) and complete comb out. Top it off with a fancy decoration to fit your pets personality.

Essential Tween Package

This grooming service includes a bath in one of our shampoos to help support healthy skin and coat, followed by a moisturizing conditioner, then your pet is hand dried,comb out, we do a sanitary trim (butt and private area shaved),nail trim, nails dremel (if behavior allowed), feet rounded, bang trim. Topped it off with a decoration to fit your pups personality

Puppy Prep School Package

Starts at $120

Do you have a new puppy? Want them to enjoy grooming? This is the package for you. This includes 4 45min sessions working up to a full groom. This is our package for all puppies. We pair the steps of grooming with positive reinforcement to help your pup learn to love grooming. Let us start your pup off right with our fear-free certified groomer. Contact us for more information.

** we do not do dogs straight through the 45 is in total for the time we are working on your pup. It does not mean your pup will be ready in 45 mins after you drop them off**

Spa Deluxe Tween Package

Our Deluxe Spa Tween grooming service includes a Bath in a Luxury Shampoo fitted to your dogs skin and coat needs followed by a moisturizing conditioner, then hand dried. Complete comb out. Full Face trim to show off their expression, sanitary trim, pads shaved, nails trimmed and dremmeled (if behavior allows) , ears cleaned and plucked if needed. Topped off with an special decoration to fit your pet's personality.

Little Bit of Style Package

Our Classic Groom includes Bath in one of our luxury shampoos based on your dogs coat and skin needs followed by a conditioner and tearless facial. then we hand dry your pet. Next we use a styling spray, A complete comb out, nail trim, sanitary trim, pads shaved, clippering of the body, legs and face in the style of your choosing (less then 1⁄2 inch of hair), lite scissor work,and finished with a bandana or decoration. Examples include: short and sassy trims(shave downs), short but not shaved trims, same length all over (teddy bear trim),etc

Luxury Spa Style Package

Our Deluxe Groom includes a bath in one of our all luxury shampoos fitted for your pets coat and skin needs, followed by a moisturizing conditioner and tearless facial. Next we hand dry your pet, a Styling Spray for added moisture to the coat and skin. A Complete Comb Out of your pup then we can't forget those Nails a trim and Dremmel (filing) N (if behavior allows), pads shaved, sanitary trim, clipper cut on the body. Lite clipper work on the face and legs.
Detailed fine scissor work on legs and face. Photo examples of some of these grooming styles in our Gallery.
A Bikini trim on a poodle (poms on a poodle), asian fusion legs, wanting long legs( 3⁄4 inch or more of hair), etc

Make your Dog’s grooming service really
special by upgrading to a private session. This is our one on one service. 

Starts at $45

Need your Dog Completed at a set time? Add a guaranteed check out time for $25

(Must give 24 hour notice. Must give at least enough time to provide a luxury experience.)

One on one brushing lessons $20 for 20min lesson

For pricing please call us.