Why is my Dog shedding like crazy?


My dog is shedding


Help! There is dog hair all over my house!

Is your dog shedding ?

In South Carolina where Little Barks dog

Grooming is, it is starting to get hot fast and summer will be here before you know it.With the warm weather in Columbia,Sc I am sure a lot of you are seeing your dog shed more and more hair in your home. Your first thought might be I need to shave my dog to help keep them cool.  Your next thought might be or I just need to do something to help with this hair. So you go to google or yelp and look up dog groomers in Columbia, South Carolina. Maybe you look up dog groomers in 29212 or 29063. You all around and ask tell them my dog is hot and they need to be shaved. Most will not educate you why this is a bad idea and they will simply dog it because you asked or maybe even because they don’t know any better themselves. At Little Barks grooming we are certified canine Esthetician’s and we will tell you No and explain why. Why don’t we Do this? Well there are a few reasons. We will explain why it is important not to shave your dog in the summer or at all. The reason your pup is hot is one of the following. One reason your dog is hot is because it is hot outside even to us and our body temperature is lower than theirs. Dogs’ normal body temperature is 101 or 102. Which is a lot warmer than our so they get hot a lot more quickly than us. This can mean they overheat and get hot fast in this heat and you again may think shaving them will help this. It will only make it worse for them! Shaving their hair will not help change their body temperature at all. It might even be hotter because of the reasons we will explain below. 

The main reason your dog is hot and you see. Hair all over your house is shedding. Shedding is known by a lot of names: blowing coat,fur balls all over the house, loose hair coming from the dog. There are four types of canine hair guard hair,undercoat,tertiary, and tactile. The undercoat helps regulate temperature while tertiary creates density. Both in the warm weather are removed to help regulate the body temperature. These hairs unlike guard hair can be removed easily and painlessly without having to clip the coat. Hair is cylindrical. Shaving means that your will get shorter hairs everywhere that you may not be able to see as well but they are still shedding all over the house. Shaving does not help your dog cool off but can really do the opposite. The guard hair is a sun barrier. If you shave a pup to closely the dog then loses the ability to adequately control temperature because their pili muscle is damaged or there is not another length of hair to raise and lower which creates space to let air flow through the coat and over the skin. This controls the dog’s body temperature. This could also cause issues in stressful situations. Such has having surgery,getting out of routine,or meeting a new puppy etc. So know that all that you may be asking then how do I deal with all the shedding? 

The answer to that is a professional shed less treatment. With specialized tools and skill groomers that are skilled in skin and coat care can help with the undercoat easily. At Little Barks Grooming we start the shed less treatment with carding or using an undercoat rake on your pup. This pulls the undercoat from the follicle and does not cut it. It also pulls dead or dying hair from the hair follicle allowing your pups skin to breathe more easily. After that is done we use a special shampoo and conditioner to help loosen more coat that are ready to come out or that are about to. The products help strengthen the coat and release the undercoat. After that we use a hv dryer to blow out more undercoat and tertiary hairs. Once dried we follow with professional grooming tools to help remove even more undercoat. After this is done we follow with a fine tooth comb to ensure the skin can breathe. Some dogs do require more then one grooming session to remove all the undercoat; it may take up to 3 sessions. Once we get your pup to a point we can get a fine tooth comb through it is about maintaining the coat in this state. This is best done with grooming sessions down every 3 to 4 weeks.  We hope this has helped you answer questions about shedding and why there is so much hair in your house.