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Save Money on Pet Grooming

How do I Save Money on Pet Grooming 


At-home maintenance of your dog’s skin and coat his skin as important as what we do at the grooming Salon. It’s one easy way you can save money at the dog groomer is to have a well-maintained coat. That means not having matting, tangles, thick undercoats, or even a huge skin issue. Our job as groomers is to help you care for your pup’s skin and coat. In order to care for the skin and coat properly, we need your help to do so. Combing and brushing can not be left only to your professional dog groomer. We are happy to walk you through products you need and how to do so but it is a partnership. At Little Barks  located in Columbia,Sc we sell  at home dog custom bath,brushing, and other kits to ensure you can take care of your pups skin and coat between grooming visits. We have them available in store or online and the link will be at the bottom of this blog. 

How does this help you save money you might be asking yourself as you read this. That is easy. As groomers it is not our job to demat or tangle your beloved pup. So if we have to then it does cost you extra. How much extra you might be wondering? Well we at Little Barks grooming charge $1 a minute for demating. Then matted shave downs are 2 to 4 times the cost of a normal groom due to the fact they require more skill,more time, and more equipment. Mating is like your beloved pup having a duck tape sweater on. It is tight and uncomfortable and hurts! That is why we hate seeing it happen to dogs. We got into this business for the love of dogs. We understand a few things are to blame for a dog’s coat getting it this condition that includes the coat not being cared for properly, your pup having a skin issue, you simply do not know the needs of your dog’s coat, or maybe you have just become overwhelmed and that is one thing you don’t think about. Luckily as groomers we can help with these issues if you help us. You just need to ask for help. That can be hard to do but it is better than having an $100 plus grooming bill Right?

At Little Barks Grooming is all starts with healthy skin and coat.We help you as dog owners maintain coat health with amazing products. We can even help with Regimens for different concerns you may have. Without healthy skin the coat will not be healthy and that will cause issues for you as a dog owner. The same is true for healthy coat as well without healthy coat it is harder for you to maintain the coat. It mats more easily and has a lot of other issues. We can do all that for you plus help you know what products to use at home to keep your pup looking their best. We also offer brushing lessons and tweens to help make it easy for you as a busy dog mom or dad to maintain the coat of your beloved dog. We are here to spoil your dog in luxury and help you! I know personally how hard it can be to keep up on all the needs of a long coated dog. 

In conclusion the maintenance of your dogs coat is a huge step in helping you save money at the dog grooming salon. You save money by only having to be charged for the grooming of you pup and not all the prep work needed just to get to the stage of grooming. Without mating or tangles your pup will also enjoy going to the groomers more because they are not being detangled all the time. They might even get done faster than normal. So next time you want to save a little money at your groomer look at your pup and ask yourself what condition is my pup in and do I need to start brushing more. You can also talk with your local Dog Groomer near you and see what tips they have for you. If you are looking for those in home Dog grooming kits here is the link for you. 


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