I Bought my Personalized Bath kit , Now What ?

personalized bath kits
Personalized Bath

We get a lot of questions about using our Personalized Bath kits we sell or even our everyday kits. We want to answer the top 5 asked questions here!

  1. Which kit is right for your pup. If your pup struggles with crust,sores,hair loss,redness,irritation, infection,itching,lumps or bumps, and hot spot then your need a therapy kit. If your pup doesn’t have any skin issues and their skin and coat is healthy then a every day kit is for you
  2. How do i use the therapy kit. Step 1: detox with a mask. Apply mask to problem areas. These are the areas that have the things listed above or the areas we suggest at your pups luxury groom. Then wrap your pup in a towel for 10 to 15 mins. Rinse well and then move to step 2. Step 2: cleansing. In a mixing bowl or the cup we provide, mix together the two shampoos with water. Mix equal parts of each shampoo to 3 parts water. Then whisk together. Apply all over your dog. Let sit for 5 mins. Rinse well then move the step 3. Step 3: hydration. Mix the conditioner with 3 parts water and whisk together. Apply all over and let sit for 5 mins. Rinse very well. For none therapy kits just do step 2 and 3.
  3. How much product do I need? ½ tsp to 1tsp for small dogs. 1-2 tsp for medium. And 1 to 2 tbsp for big dogs.  This does not apply to the mask the mask is premade and you use it straight. 
  4. How often do I use my kit? Therapy kits need to be used 1 to 2 times a week. Everyday kits can be used as needed. 
  5. Why is this different from other products? This process starts with a detox to soften the skin and pull of toxins and soft skin to prep it for cleansing. You can not properly cleanse the skin if it is hardened and covered in grime. The shampoo is none drying like the products the vet normally recommends. This shampoo uses honey and sulfur to cleanse the skin of infection,irritation,etc. You always need to repair the barrier to the skin to help it heal. Conditioner is very important for this!


Helpful tips: 

  1. You can buy a small frother to make it easier to mix your shampoo and conditioner, well worth the investment. 
  2. Start at your dog’s belly and chest, then legs and feet,then neck and face, then the back last. Work in sections to make sure you do not miss and area. 
  3. Have you shampoo and conditioner mixed and ready by the tub to make it easier and safer for your pet when you bath them
  4. Make this a positive experience! Use treats and praise to do so
  5. Always comb your dog out after the bath. Use a slicker lightly first then follow with a comb before they dry to check for tangles

Remember we can do this for you! We offer Regimen baths and even a deal if your prepay for the 6 weeks of a regimen bath. The kit you get will not last the 6 weeks for a therapy regimen. It is meant to be done between grooms when your pup is on a 4 week schedule.