Skin and Coat care is how we start every service.

At Little Barks Grooming a Bath is SO much more than a BASIC bath,
it is a Luxury experience that nourishes , heals and hydrates your dogs skin and coat.
See our Gallery of Beautiful results below to see for yourself.

When your dog is itchy , has redness, sores , bumps or signs of infection ,maintenance care for their skin and coat is not enough to heal and restore them back to health.
Little Barks Certified Canine Estheticians can help, and this is the reason
why we offer skin and coat regimens to help your pups skin and coat
return to a healthy state which means a happy pup.

Do you need help with your Dogs skin and coat? Is your dog itching, has redness, hotspots or allergies ? Little Barks Grooming would Love to help.

Having a Skin or coat issue with you Pup?

As certified Canine Esthetician’s we are happy to help you with your pups skin and coat needs. This includes helping with your pups itchy skin, skin infections, lumps, hot spots and more.