So you want to become a new grooming Guest?

Welcome our new client page. If you are on this page it is because you are interested in becoming a new grooming Guest. We would love to have you Join our Little Barks Family. Before you do we want to tell you what is expected of new clients that join our Family. We only are taking new grooming guest that pledge to keep your pup on a schedule that we suggest which is preferably a monthly schedule or at the very least every 6 weeks. We also do not take any new pups over 60lbs. If you are looking for a luxury experience for your pup and want them spoiled in luxury then we would love to have you join our Family. Please fill out the paperwork below, upload your pups vaccine records, and pup down the correct deposit for your pup below. We will review your paperwork and if you are the right fit for our salon we will then call you to schedule an appointment. Please note that we book at least a month out. If we feel you are not the right fit for our salon we will refund your deposit.

New Client Deposits

Grooming deposit


All dogs are require the be current on Rabies,Dhpp and kennel couch at all times while the are a grooming guest with us. We are not taking any new grooming guest that will not keep their pup on the suggested schedule. Please understand this before placing the deposit as we hold our grooming guest to this policy.