Client Agreement and Policies Form
We value honesty and respect. We promise to treat your pup and you with love, kindness and respect.
Our policies are meant to safeguard those things and ensure that we can
continue caring for all of our wonderful clients for many years to come.

As Certified Canine Estheticians, our goal is to provide grooming
care that promotes healthy skin and coat for your pup.
Sometimes during a groom we discover conditions that
require treatment or extra special care.
If fleas, dry or irritated skin, crusty spots, damaged coat, or other problems are discovered during grooming, we will provide the appropriate treatment to correct such issues.
Additional charges will apply for treatments meant to restore good skin and coat condition.
Since we want the best for you and your pup, at pick-up we will discuss your pup’s specific needs and provide you with information that can help going forward.
Pricing is based on the following:
● Time it takes to complete a groom ● Services and treatments provided ● The dog’s breed, coat type, and condition ● Amount of time between grooms During the initial assessment when you drop off your pup, we will provide you with a price range based on these factors. The final price will be determined after the groom is complete. Going forward the price will remain the same unless your pup needs additional regimens/ add ons, has matting, it’s been more than 6 weeks etc.
New client paperwork can be found here. All paperwork MUST be completed at least 48 hours prior to the appointment.
If we do not receive your completed paperwork at least 48 hours prior to your appointment, we will need to reschedule. Please note that Little Barks is booked at least 1 month in advance.
In an effort to protect all of the pups we care for and to comply with the law, ALL pets must be up to date on ALL vaccinations. This includes but is not limited to rabies, bordetella, and DHPP.
This applies to all grooming appointments, not just the first appointment. If, at any time, a pup is not up to date on vaccinations, your appointment will be canceled. No refunds will be given for deposits. If your vet determines your dog cannot be vaccinated, we need a signed letter from
the vet stating this is the case. Your appointments will be scheduled as “private grooms” with a fee charged to cover additional post-groom sanitation. Our system allows us to keep track of when a pet’s vaccinations are due. To avoid cancellation of your appointments, please make sure to provide us with updated information.
We strongly recommend all dogs be on a monthly flea preventative.
If your pup has fleas, a treatment will be provided during the groom. The cost for this is $20. Tick removal incurs a fee of $5 per tick. If worms are found on your dog, it will be sent home and some fees may apply. Special Needs, Senior, and/or Difficult Pets:
To help us care for your dog in the best way possible, please let us know of any behavior, emotional or medical problems before the groom. Even if something may seem insignificant, by letting us know ahead of time we can better avoid any potential problems that could result in Little Barks declining future grooming of your pup. We are experienced in dealing with all kinds of situations and can usually handle things in a way that is positive for your pup as long as we know ahead of time. We ask that you also let us know of any medications your dog is currently taking.
If Little Barks believes the health and safety of your dog or our staff is at risk, we will stop the groom and the full price of the groom will still be charged since we would be unable to fill that appointment slot with another client’s pup.
We will not continue any grooming procedure that will cause pain or emotional stress to the dog. This means that one or more grooming sessions might be needed to groom the dog fully or some parts of the groom may not be able to be done at all. Since we view ourselves as partners in your dog’s care, we will discuss any specific concerns with you and do what we can to create a comfortable groom plan for your dog. We are aware of specific challenges present for many senior pets and will work with you to develop a grooming plan that best suits their needs.
Little Barks cannot be held responsible for any pre-existing conditions or undisclosed behavior, emotional or health problems that your dog experiences. While we do our absolute best to provide safe and fear-free grooming, all grooming that takes place is at the owner’s risk. Little Barks is not responsible for any vet bills.
Bites: If your pet injures a Little Barks staff member, you will be responsible for any related medical bills, loss of income and recovery costs. All bites will be reported to local authorities as required by law. The best way to avoid bites and injuries is for there to be full disclosure prior to the groom of a pet’s behavior, emotional or medical issues. Matting or Tangles:
Matted or tangled coats require more time and attention. Often clients are not aware of how matted a dog’s undercoat is. We will do our best to inform you of this situation at check in, however sometimes we cannot see the severity of it until we get into the groom.
If your pet is matted, a surcharge applies at a rate of $1/minute, in addition to equipment and product cost to de-matt and repair coat in a pain free manner. We will only de-mat a severely matted dog one time. After that, we will shave off the coat and apply the shave-down matting surcharge to the groom. For more information on this see the matted shave-down form. First Time Groom:
All puppies that have never been groomed before or have only been groomed once before will start off with our Puppy Prep School. No exceptions. This allows us to teach the puppy in a positive way so that future grooming is a normal and pleasant experience. Puppy Prep School consists of 4 sessions that start with a luxury bath and nail trim and then work up to a clipper trim, if appropriate and suitable to a pup’s personality and behavior. This will be at the discretion of of our
Fear Free Certified Groomer, Ms. Kim. Puppy Prep School requires the price to be paid in full before the first session. Booking, Cancellation and late policy:
All appointments are booked between 11 am - 2 pm.
Please drop off at the set drop off time.
Please arrive no more than 15 minutes early for your scheduled appointment time.
We do not have space or supervision for early arrivals.
Please be on time so we can stay on schedule with all of our clients. Any drop offs that are more than 15 minutes late will be rescheduled for another time.
If late a second time, a $40 fee will need to be paid before rescheduling. If late a third time, the full groom price will need to be paid before rescheduling. We reserve the right to charge a deposit to hold any future appointments for those that are chronically late. If your pup has not been in to see us for 10 weeks or more, your appointment is booked as a “new client” and a deposit is required to reserve.
To cancel or reschedule an appointment, REPLY to the confirmation text or CALL us.
We do not check emails or facebook messages regularly so do NOT use those methods for cancelling or rescheduling. If you cancel an appointment at any time any standing appointments will be canceled until you call to schedule a new appointment. NOTE: Holiday appointments fill up months in advance. We highly recommend you request to prebook appointments well in advance so your pup is clean and beautiful for the holidays.
Pick-up policy:
We will call or text when your pup is done. We do not give pick-up times at check-in due to so many variables when working with dogs. Please do not show up early. Often when dogs see their owner they get excited and think it’s time to go home. Grooming becomes unsafe at this point. Any early arrivals for pick up will result in the groom being incomplete and full price charged. If you need a GUARANTEED PICK-UP time, we can accommodate if set up in advance. A fee applies. Our salon closes at 6PM. Any dogs not picked up by that time will be boarded overnight or until we open again. A $35 per night fee applies. Coupons:
To redeem a coupon, it must be presented at time of check out. One coupon per family, per visit. Coupons exclude: spa services, flea treatments and dematting.
Cannot be combined with military, LBBC, or referral coupon. Coupon discount cannot be more than 50% of your grooming service. Referral discounts can be combined on one groom up to $10. Any remaining amount will be added to the next groom.
Little Barks Bark Club:
Annual membership to Bark Club benefits: ● 15% off regular price when renewing ● 20% off all grooming and Spa services (excluding flea and de-matting fees) Bark Club membership requires that appointments be booked every 2-6 weeks. *** In addition receive 20% off all Retail for member pup.
Reputation Policy:
Little Barks Grooming and Boutique is a labor of love and the fruit of many years of hard work. We value truth and honesty. If you have an issue or are unhappy with us for any reason, please let us know so we can work together to resolve the issue in a courteous and professional manner.
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