Kim KIer - MPAe, MGbs, CCE, CpC, LSHL-s, FFCP, PGC


Little Barks does have a few policies that we ask our clients to agree to and follow. 

These are in place and agreed on so that we can keep your pet safe.

Our Safety Policy 

To provide the highest level of care for your pet we have a safety policy. If at any time your pet gets nervous, anxious, scared, aggressive, or even overly silly, we slow down and help your pet to be comfortable and calm. It’s very important to us that the pets in our care are kept safe and stress free. We use sharp tools and need to prevent injuries. We will work with your pet to help them feel comfortable. This will build a great experience for successful groomings for your pet’s lifetime. Your pet may not be groomed to perfection today. We will charge for the time that we spend working with your pet.

All Dogs must be up date on Rabies, DHPPL and Kennel cough. flea and heartworm is highly recommended.

Late drop off or pick up of more than 20 minutes will result in delaying the groom. Additional fees up to $50.00.

Kindness matters , Little Barks aka Miss Kim will not tolerate yelling, cussing, or rudeness to her, your dog or staff. I reserve the right to refuse service.

Let us all be kind, honest and put the dogs first if we all do this a long list of rules surely isn’t needed.