Little Barks Grooming Promise

To Love your Pet like its our own, if you know us then you know we are Crazy in Love with dogs, to care for your Pet mind, body and soul. To Groom them with compassion, safety, respect keeping health and style in mind. To groom them to the Best of our abilities. To give each one the one on one care they deserve and treat them dignity and Love. To make this a pleasant experience for your pet and to help them enjoy their day at the Spa. To have both owner and pet happy when they arrive and when they both leave us at the end of the day. This is the Little Barks Grooming way. We Love our Job and are So Grateful and Blessed to do what we Love it fills us up with Joy to spend our days with your Pups, and we Thank you for your trust and support.

New Client Deposits

Deposit for grooming


All dogs must be up to date on Rabies,DHPP, and kennel cough in order to be groomed at Our Salon. If your dog is not up to date we will cancel the appointment till they are. No refund will be given.