Little Barks Spa

At Little Barks Dog Grooming and Boutique we focus on skin and coat treatments for a very important reason. We know that they can truly help your dog feel better. We personally know what it’s like to spend money on shampoos, lotions, sprays and even medications that don’t seem to help.

Miss Taylor has personally been through that with her dog Daisy. She was a puppy mill rescue. When Miss Taylor adopted her skin was almost like black leather. While her rescue took care of the fleas and some other issues her skin was still left in a horrible state. She had almost no hair, infected skin,and the most recent is autoimmune. Wanting to help her little girl she searched for answers she connected iv San Bernard and worked with the Vet to finally understand the power that topical and internal treatments can do. It has completely changed her skin and life. She is more comfortable in her skin,not really itchy anymore,the infection is almost under control, and she is not licking her feet raw. She is now doing better than ever! This is thanks to the technique that puts internal and external treatments together. We can do this for your dog too.

All dogs must be current on Rabies,DHPP,and bordetella.

New clients are required to call for booking. A non-refundable deposit is required for booking. 

Spa Service Packages

Whitening spa package

starting at $15

Detoxing shampoo,whitening shampoo, whitening conditioner, and a secret whitening product.

Black Passion Package

starting at $15

Black passion shampoo,mask,and argon oil spray. Best for dark coats, short coats, and hairless coats.

Show Dog Package

starting at $15

Caviar shampoo and conditioner is great for all coat types to make them look like they are ready for the dog show.

No more smelly pet package

starting at $15

Did you pup roll in something smelly? This package includes a detox shampoo,Odor reducing shampoo,and a hydrating conditioner.

Hair regrowth package

starting at $20

We can help your pup regrow hair with a special shampoo and a mix of two special conditioners. Add oil therapy for $5 more.

So you have allergies package

starting at $20

We can help your pup with allergies with a special pre-wash
scrub,special shampoo and mask. Add oil therapy for $5 more.

Teeth package

starting at $15

We use plaqclnz system to help remove some of the tarter on theteeth. This is a 3 step system.

Total bliss package

Starting at $50

Let us spoil your pup in luxury. We start with a detox shampoo
then follow with our caviar show dog shampoo and mask. Then a
mineral foot soak, teeth rinse and brush, and a luxury facial.


Bacterial & Fungal Regimen

starting at $20

First step is a detoxing mask. Then a mix of antifungal and antibacterial shampoo. Then a ph balance conditioner. Add on oil therapy for $5 more.

Triple Oil Add On

Home regimen
starts at $40

A mix of three different oils that work to improve skin. We mix this in your conditioner and spray on before blow drying. We mix it per dog and you can take the bottle home after we use it on your pup.

Flea and Tick Regimen

starting at $20

After killing the fleas or ticks with an anti parasite shampoo. We
then go in with a mint shampoo and conditioner to help prevent
new fleas from getting on your pup till you get meds from the vet.


starting at $15-$25



starting at $5-$15

Blueberry detox

Shed less Regimen

starting at $10-$60

This is our treatment for shedding dogs. We remove the undercoat from the hair follicles. We use a special shampoo and conditioner to open the follicle and help loosen the hair. With a special nozzle on our tub we loosen the undercoat more and comb out in the tub. Then hand dry.

Hydrotherapy and ozone Soak

starting at $25

Used to boost the cleansing process in medicated therapy to help with fungus, allergies, itching,and more.It is also amazing for pups
with arthritis and after surgery. This process is best done weekly however that depends on what we are trying to help your pup with. 

Individual Spa items

Teeth brushing $5

Ear flushing $5

Fizzy foot treatment $8

Mineral foot treatment $10

Help prevent tangles $10-$25

Shampoo upgrade $8

Medicated shampoo $10

Keratin Treatment $10

Nagayu co2 Regimen $15


Herb soak $15