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Is your Dog’s Shampoo what you think?

Why don’t we use terms like medicated, calming, clearing, skin treatment, and many more when we talk about skin issues in dog grooming.  We have found over the many years of us specializing in skin and coat care that other groomers use terms like these however we are not like them! We offer skin and coat care for dogs. Skin and coat care in dogs is our passion and that is why we want to talk about the overly hyped wording groomers and companies use to talk about dog shampoo and skin treatments done to dogs.  We want to explain the meaning behind some common words groomers use for marketing and explain why they are hyped words not products that are worth the hype. We know that creative wording can be due to groomers naming services in a fun manner. However, we also know this is confusing to you as an owner of a dog with skin issues. That is where we hope this blog helps. To stop the confusion and help you understand what is needed to help your dog with skin issues like itching skin, skin infection, lumps, bumps, dry coat and more.  Medicated means having been treated with a drug as we are not licensed veterinarians we can not treat dogs with drugs or shampoo containing a drug unless prescribed. Our products use honey,sulfur,clay,oils, and elements to address the skin and coat needs. If someone is staying they are using a medicated shampoo I would ask them to clarify and what prescription it is.  If you bring in a medicated shampoo for your dog from your Veterinarian it is then that that groomer can say they are using a medicated shampoo. For us the process we use is based on the knowledge we learned from a veterinarian and industry leaders in the canine skin and coat industry. It is not  a medicated shampoo however we do use products to address the issues that would require a medicated dog shampoo. 

  1. Calming: calm means make (someone) tranquil and quiet; soothe. I dislike when groomers market skin calming and shampoo in the same sentence. Most of the time a calming shampoo is not the right shampoo for the skin and coat. It is also a bandaid. Why are we calming the skin? What irritation is the skin showing? Has the dog been to the vet for blood work and a skin scrap? Are we trying to quiet the skin or fix the skin issue? Our products we use are made to fix and address the skin issue but just quiet it for a little. You can not soothe the skin by addressing the skin issues and why they happened. That is why we do not use the wording calming shampoo. 
  2. Clearing:the act or process of making or becoming clear. No skin or coat issue can become clear in one bath. One bath can help but one bath can not address the issue. Our regimens for infection,irritation,lumps,bumps,hot spots etc start with once a week baths for 6 weeks. That lets us get 2 skin and coat renewal cycles to see a difference. A one time bath is for maintenance to help keep the skin healthy. Think about it like this. You put sunscreen on once then not again for another 4 to 6 weeks. Would that one time application of sunscreen help you? No it wouldn’t. So why would a one time bath address a skin issue? So please don’t let people tell you I have a clearing shampoo that we can add to your groom today. 
  3. Skin treatment: the definition of treatment is the action or way you treat a patient or a condition medically or surgically : management and care to prevent, cure, ameliorate, or slow progression of a medical condition. We do not use this term because we again are not vets and doing things only a vet should do is illegal. Let me explain this statement. This is South Carolina state code. We will provide a link at the bottom of the blog. It states the definition of veterinarian medicine. 13) “Practice of veterinary medicine” means to:

(a) diagnose, prescribe, or administer a drug, medicine, biologic, appliance, or application or treatment of whatever nature for the cure, prevention, or relief of a wound, fracture, or bodily injury or disease of an animal;

(b) perform a surgical operation, including cosmetic surgery, upon an animal;

(c) perform a manual procedure for the diagnosis or treatment for sterility or infertility of an animal, including embryo transplants;

(d) offer, undertake, represent, or hold oneself out as being qualified to diagnose, treat, operate, or prescribe for an animal disease, pain, injury, deformity, or physical condition;

(e) use words, letters, or titles in such connection or under such circumstances as to induce the belief that the person using them is engaged in the practice of veterinary medicine.

Sited from https://law.justia.com/codes/south-carolina/2013/title-40/chapter-69/section-40-69-20

As certified canine Esthetician this is why we ask if you have seen a vet for diagnosis so after that we can help your pups skin get back to normal healthy skin. We do not diagnose your pups issue, we will tell you that your pups skin issues are commonly related to blank or commonly seen with dogs that have blank and you should see your veterinarian for testing. We provide service to help your pups skin look and feel it’s best and that means helping it return to normal skin. Our products are used by veterinarians and we would be happy to refer you to the vet we work with if you need a second opinion. We address skin and coat issues, we do not diagnose,prescribe medication or tell you not to listen to a veterinarian. We work with you,your veterinarian, and your pup to help them look and feel their best with regimens designed to help your pups skin and coat stay healthy or return to the healthy coat they once had with shampoos,mask,conditioners,sprays and more. We know every luxury groom starts with a luxury bath that is tailored to your pup. We hope this has helped you better understand the wording that groomers use to market and sell products. If your pup has a skin issue please see your veterinarian then us to begin a regimen right for your pups skin and coat. Let us care for their skin and coat.