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How do I Save Money on my dogs Grooming

      At home maintenance of your dogs skin and coat his skin as important as what we do at the grooming Salon. It’s one easy way you can save money at the dog groomer is to have a well maintained coat. That means not having matting,tangles, thick undercoat,

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Dog Grooming Cost

How much will it cost for my dogs groom today?

Dog Grooming Cost Explained As dog owners, we know you have asked this before! We know it’s frustrating to call around trying to find the right dog groomer and all of them are different prices. Have you asked yourself why is groomer A so much higher than groomer B? Well,

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Nail Trims: Trimming Away The Terror

IS PROUD TO BE A Nail trims are a common source of stress for pets and owners alike, but there are many things you can do to set yourself and your pet up for success with at-home nail care. Before You Start Be sure your pet has a nonslip surface

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How to tell if your dog is suffering from a skin infection

Yeast / fungal infections Yeast is a spore-like fungus that reproduces by budding when parts of the cell body break off to form whole new yeast organisms. Dogs have a normal amount of yeast on their skin and body, but yeast infections occur when the yeast starts budding and multiplying

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