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All Groomers are the same, or Are they ?

The most asked question we get from pet owners  at Little Barks Grooming is ” How are you Different than other Groomers ?”  Well, that is a Great question !  So, I would love to share the ways that we at Little Barks really go above the board to show

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fear free Professional

Fear Free Grooming -Part Two

Fear Free Grooming and Why you want it for your dog – Part Two Kim Kier , CCE, FFCP Let’s talk about fear free grooming services and how we can make it SAFE, comfortable, and enjoyable for your dog. So, your dog is ready for his/ her grooming service. We

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fear free grooming

Fear Free Grooming-Part One

“Our dogs give us their whole heart, what an incredible blessing. Let us give them the respect , love and kindness they deserve.” Kim Kier CCE. FFCP Let me start by saying that Fear has no place in dog grooming. Knowing that we can not control the state of mind

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Why is my Dog shedding like crazy?

    Help! There is dog hair all over my house! Is your dog shedding ? In South Carolina where Little Barks dog Grooming is, it is starting to get hot fast and summer will be here before you know it.With the warm weather in Columbia,Sc I am sure a

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How do I Save Money on my dogs Grooming

How do I Save Money on my Dogs Grooming At-home maintenance of your dog’s skin and coat his skin as important as what we do at the grooming Salon. It’s one easy way you can save money at the dog groomer is to have a well-maintained coat. That means not

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Nail Trims: Trimming Away The Terror

IS PROUD TO BE A Nail trims are a common source of stress for pets and owners alike, but there are many things you can do to set yourself and your pet up for success with at-home nail care. Before You Start Be sure your pet has a nonslip surface

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